Thursday, January 04, 2007


All the images of bathtime on the adverts are of chubby blonde babies gurgling, giggling and gently splashing in the bath. Mummy holding a fluffy white towel to lift the baby out of the bath and wipe the little blob of foam from baby's cute little button nose. If only!

The boy's not a big fan of baths. Baths mean going to bed. Bed means sleep. Sleep is bad. Ergo baths are bad.

In the evening, he get's a warning that it's bath time soon. He says "no" and holds his hand up in a 'talk to the hand cos the face ain't listening' pose. So I carry a struggling boy up to the bathroom. He is happy to put baby oil in the bath and get soap ready for the bath. But then holds on to the bars of the bathroom cabinet like some kind of political prisoner. I peel his hands off and get him undressed while he tries to kick me whilst lying down. Once undressed he is happy to help get his central line covered and taped up out of the way. But manages to struggle when I put him in the bath. Once in, he remembers that he does like baths after all and happily splashes me or squirts water from his water pistol. He even cleans his teeth without protest.

The protest starts again when I take him out of the bath and start to dry him. They stop when he has his central line unwrapped and his vest put on (to keep the central line and trachy cuff stored out of the way). They start again when he is ready to be taken to his bedroom for his daily trachy tape change.

E v e r y N i g h t.


Blogger Mrs. Bick said...

This scene sounds oddly familiar. We have 3 kids, and have to do bathtime in rotation now. Sometimes we throw in a fast shower...much to my daughers dismay. Just now, after months, she is understanding that a shower is almost like being in the rain, and that it isn't an occasion to scream about. Our oldest does well, no matter what. Our youngest, just over a year, LOVES much that we have to closely monitor the bathroom doors to make sure he doesn't get in unsupervised and climb (fall really) into the tub by himself. That and play in the potty.(Keeping the door closed and the potty lid down is not so easy a task with a 4 1/2 year old and 3 year old forever using the facilities!)

Even though we aren't post surgery or surviving cancer, there are some things that are just plain ordinary, no matter where you are! Your post made me smile! I am glad that you are getting some more of that ordinary stuff, even if you come out hot and sweaty from the effort!

-sign us the aunt and cousins of Thomas Bickle

7:14 AM  
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